FGUDLI was established in 2014. Our team is committed to promoting technological innovation with excellent design. With our years of unremitting efforts and accumulation in the field of new energy and lithium batteries, as well as our technical strength in the design, R&D, and manufacturing of smart hardware and energy storage products, most of our team members are from the world’s top 500 technology giants. In the future, we will focus on “product research and development + intelligent ecological construction + clean energy technology exploration” and strive to become a forward-looking provider of clean energy solutions.

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FGUDLI aims to be your Noah's Ark, ensuring that in any emergency, it provides the necessary power for your mobile life and outdoor life, and stays away from the harm caused by off-grid life and disasters.Our mission is to build an ecosystem where everyone can travel, connect, breathe and live easily.

Equipment & production process

Always give top priority to design, service and quality,When designing new products, from BMS motherboards to MPPT controllers and inverters, we choose outstanding and durable materials, and establish a strict product quality inspection system and science in manufacturingTesting standards, strictly control all aspects of product quality, and strive to create maximum value for customers.

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Reliable, durable, and portable, always have your “ark” with FGUDLI.
We all wish we could predict when the next disaster will strike, but without the power to see the future, the next best step is to stay prepared!

My friend lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and has personally experienced many power outages caused by natural disasters in California. In 2019, wildfires in California caused his family to lose power for four days. There is a 6-month-old baby in the family who has personally experienced the pressure of not being able to store or prepare food to feed the child during a power outage. Many people he knew had to face emergency situations in car shelters or public group shelters because their houses and belongings had been completely burnt down.

As the uncertainty of climate change still seems to exist, from wildfires to earthquakes and hurricanes, these types of disasters will only continue to occur, leaving us all vulnerable to more emergencies.

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I will always stand behind you to protect you.




This is just the start to achieving FGUDLI’s ambitious objective to inspire active outdoor lifestyles and benefit the environment. Not only are we aiming to produce the most affordable portable solar-powered products on the market, we’re building toward a sustainable future for the world.

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